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  • What kind of classes are given at Spanish by Isa?
    Private classes are given in person at the school and online classes via Skype (Skypanish). They can be combined if you are absent from Mallorca, alternating face-to-face and online classes. There are private classes one to one / one to two.
  • Are there group classes?
    There are classes for small groups of up to 4 students, as long as they know each other, friends, family, work colleagues etc. (minimum class of 90 minutes).
  • How long does a class last?
    Classes last 60/90 minutes, depending on the student's choice.
  • How can I pay for the classes?
    The classes can be paid by bank transfer or bizum once the corresponding invoice is received before starting the course.
  • Can I change the date or cancel a class?
    To cancel a class free of charge, it is necessary to give at least 24 hours notice in order to be able to offer it to another student and it can be rescheduled at another time depending on availability in my diary.
  • Do I need specific material for the classes?
    It depends on your level and what you want to learn, whether you want conversation classes, grammar classes or a specific objective. If you have studied Spanish before and have your own books, we will use those. Otherwise I will advise you on what we need. My method is based on traditional teaching, with books on paper, pencil, blackboard and chalk and, of course, I have a lot of virtual material that we will use in class (infographics, digital exercises, audiovisual material, etc.).
  • Why is your school different, Isa?
    My classes are extremely personalised, we are going to get to know each other very well and I am going to introduce you to our language, you are going to learn to speak, write and read in Spanish from the first day. You will get to know our culture, our traditions and how we Spanish people are. In addition, if you live in Mallorca or have a connection with the island, I will show you the island from my classes and you will discover many things that otherwise would not be possible. In class we speak only Spanish, but I explain the grammar and the most complicated points in your language. I am demanding with the results, so we don't move on if I am not sure that you have understood the lesson before.
  • Is it necessary to do homework?
    I strongly advise you to revise the work done in class at home. It is always optional, although I will always give you material to work on what you have seen in class. For the online classes you will also receive homework by email and all the theory and material worked on.
  • How do I pay if there are two students instead of one?
    The second student pays 50% of the fee of the first student as an individual student.
  • What are the class times?
    The timetable is flexible and goes from 8.30am to 13.30 pm from Mon-Fri. In the afternoons from 16.00 pm to 18.00 pm Mon/Wed/Fri

¿Y cómo lograremos esto?

Según tu nivel, vamos a crear un programa de trabajo juntos, siendo flexibles en el tiempo y frecuencia de clases, vamos a seguir un método acorde a tus exigencias, intercalando todo tipo de material, tanto visual como gráfico:


  • Practicaremos la conversación.

  • Nos enfocaremos en gramática para formar tus propias frases desde tu idioma nativo.

  • Foco en lectura y escritura en español.

  • Lograremos comunicarnos con vecinos españoles.

  • Inmersión en la cultura, costumbres, slang y más.

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