Tutorial classes for children and teenagers who need school reinforcement for the Spanish language.


Emphasis is placed on the teaching of grammar, as well as orthography, punctuation and accent usage.

The aim is that students gain a high level of confidence and improve their writing and dictation skills, preparing them for their school exams.

These extra support classes may be held during the whole school year, or as a summer course, preparing the students for their pending exams held in September


 Individual “one-to-one” classes of one hour, at the requested level:


- complete beginners

- grammar

- conversation

- advanced level

- preparation for the                -exam

- business vocabulary and particular language needs.


An important aspect of private classes is that, unlike school courses, they offer the possibility to track the student’s advances directly, enabling the student to practise the Spanish language during the whole period of the 60-minute class. The result of this joint work is a considerable reduction of the time needed for the achievement of the same goal.

Without any doubt, the classes are also more entertaining and diversified – in Spanish by Isa I convey the living Spanish language, with its idioms and slang, so necessary in order to find your way among the particular and pleasant Spanish characters!!





Joint classes for students that belong to the same social group, know each other and are friends.


Group classes are perfect for families, professionals working in international companies, banks, lawyer’s offices, real estate companies, etc.


In case of group lessons I will go to the required place and we may work together at the location chosen by the group. 


We will prepare jointly the lessons you need in order to achieve your specific goal:


- conversation

- business trips

- preparation for the              - exam

- specialised vocabulary for sales, customer persuasion and client service, with an elegant and direct style.